Programs, treatment services, evaluations and counseling sessions are available by appointment.  We have offices in Springfield,Carthage and Bolivar for these purposes.  Additionally, we conduct classes on-site or through a hotel conference room for a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Programs are conducted primarily on weekends, so as to be most convenient for most people. Counseling and assessment services are available during regular weekday business hours.  The Clinical Intervention Program is conducted at the main office in Springfield.

We have programs virtually every weekend, but not every program is conducted on every weekend.  Our schedule is set for six-month periods, so we can look ahead and let you know what program date and location options exist. We suggest that you call (we continue to handle most scheduling via personal contact over the telephone) early in your process to see what we have available.  We will make every effort to work with your schedule in finding something that will work for you.

At this time, we are not publishing our schedule on the website, because it tends to raise as many questions as it answers.  However, we assure you that your email or phone call will be handled in a fashion which will quickly and correctly answer your questions.

Call us, we will assist you or make the appropriate referral to you.